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Classes taught by Young Masters own personal trainers!

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Body Blast

Strength, cardio and core all come together in Body Blast. This  class will keep you moving and motivated with its fun, friendly and encouraging     environment.  Regardless of your current fitness level, in Body Blast you will get the personal attention you need to get the most out of your workout. Workouts will include a combination of Kettlebells, Ropes and you own Body Weight. So if your goals include muscle definition, cardio endurance, a stronger core, or weight loss, Body Blast is the class for you!

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Advanced Performance

Looking for something new and exciting in your workout week? Advanced Performance may be the class for you! This up-beat, fun circuit style class is great for all fitness levels, no experience is necessary. This class uses Boxing, TRX Suspension Training, Spin Bikes and more!  This class burns major calories so be ready to work hard and have fun!

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Muscle Matters



Starting Stamina

Starting Stamina
Do you struggle with low energy? Fatigue? Try our new Starting Stamina class! Upbeat music and a friendly instructor will keep you motivated, while you use ropes and your own bodyweight to increase your cardiovascular strength. This class is great for beginners or anyone just looking to burn some major calories!

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Get a total body workout with TRX, for strength training and building muscle mass.  TRX® Suspension training uses gravity against the individual’s own body weight to simultaneously develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability.  This class will help to protect against injury by increasing your mobility and developing core strength. All fitness levels are welcome!

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Everyone can benefit from Yoga no matter what age, flexibility or experience. Come join our classes no matter what your fitness level is and enjoy combining balance, strength, flexibility and power. Students of all levels can feel at ease about the poses as they are demonstrated, along with the verbal step by step ques, allowing everyone to flow through the class sequences together.

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Young Ones Yoga

“Yoga Calm ® is a research supported child education method that lessens stress and then engages the body and mind for optimum learning.”
“The curriculum is a unique blend of yoga practices, mindfulness, physical exercise and social emotional skill building techniques.” Classes range in length from 30 to 50 minutes. “This unique curriculum is used by therapists and teachers nationwide to help children improve focus, behavior skills, physical skills and emotional stability.”​

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Tai Chi

Moon Willow Tai Chi & Wellness - Healing Movement for Every Body, Beginner to Advanced Classes

An ancient Chinese discipline that integrates mind, body, and spirit. Practitioners use meditation and deep breathing as they move through a series of continuous exercises, called “forms,” which resemble slow-moving ballet. Though it originated as a martial art (evolving from qigong), Tai Chi is now practiced more for its therapeutic benefits, which include reducing stress, promoting balance and flexibility, and even easing arthritis pain.  ​

Tai Chi increases strength and provides calm and harmony by improving the flow of internal energy (or Qi) throughout the body. It is the calming, meditative aspect of Tai Chi that makes it particularly useful for reducing stress and anxiety.

As an aerobic exercise, Tai Chi benefits the entire body, increasing muscle strength and enhancing balance and flexibility. People who practice Tai Chi are also said to exploit the strength of yin (the earth) and the energy of yang (the heavens) through exercises designed to express these forces in balanced and harmonious form.

Tai Chi can be used as a preventive health measure, as a way to maintain good health, or to help with a specific ailment.

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Young Masters Martial Arts still teaches the original Tae Kwon do/Karate that was taught by Young Hong when he established his school in Woodstock, Illinois in 1967.  Using powerful kicks and dynamic hand techniques his martial art is effective when used as self defense, sport or physical exercise.  Training techniques includes forms, free fighting and one and three step sparring.   Advanced classes introduce the use and defense against traditional and modern martial arts weapons.

In addition to self-defense and physical fitness, Tae Kwon do promotes personal development and achievement. Students learn respect, courtesy, self-discipline, focus and self-reliance.

Suitable for students of all ages and physical condition, Tae Kwon Do is a life skill that can be practiced and enjoyed for a lifetime.

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Little Ninjas


Give your child a fast start on life!

The Little Ninjas program is specifically designed for children aged 3 to 6, one of the most critical ages for your child’s development and future achievement! 

The curriculum focuses not on kicking and punching, but of developing eight ‘life skills’:  Focus, Teamwork, Balance, Self-control, Memory, Fitness, Discipline, and Coordination. 

These mental and motor skills are critical to your child’s success in mastering future challenges. We use a concept known as “Edutainment’ to teach these eight life skills that make the classes challenging, fun and exciting for the child.  Each class features a variety of high energy drills, games and activities to teach these lessons.

Your child will see an improvement in increased attention spans, listening and concentration skills, respect for self and others, self-confidence and self-esteem, hand and eye coordination, greater overall fitness and the development of a positive, enthusiastic attitude.

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Karate Kids

Karate Kids provides an excellent transition between Little Ninjas and our regular Tae Kwon Do/Karate classes.  Using a more structured format than Little Ninjas, students are drilled on the basic techniques used in the more advanced classes.  Training includes basic kicks and blocks, beginning three-steps and self-defense and beginning forms.   When students demonstrate the ability to perform the basic drills and low form one, they are awarded a yellow belt and have the option of joining the regular Tae Kwon Do/Karate classes.

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Judo is a modern martial art and Olympic sport created in 1882 by Jigoro Kano.  Judo is a system that uses throws, grappling, joint locks, chokes and strikes to defeat the opponent.  While modern emphasis is on the sport aspect of Judo, Judo can be a very powerful means of self defense.

After learning how to fall safely (ukemi) when thrown, students learn throws and takedowns from a standing position as well as grappling, submission holds, joint locks and strangle holds when on the mat  This class teaches both the sport version as well Judo as self defense against strikes, kicks and both traditional and modern weapons.

Judo can be practiced by children and men and women of all ages.  Judo is an activity that promotes fitness, physical coordination, balance, flexibility, stamina, body control and fast reflex action.  Beyond just the physical benefits, Judo also improves focus, concentration, self-discipline and self-confidence and reduces stress.

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Various Nutrition classes throught the year are designed to educate you on how to have Better Health, and a Better Life. Classes presented by Mary Pearson, CFT BS degree in Nutrition.